The ecstatic enthusiasm consumed Mary’s body. She felt electrified for the first time in months.  Her prior days were consumed with unbearable workdays and deep family matters that stole her time. This led to a sense of depletion. Mary’s eagerness to break this cycle and socialize again was unprecedented especially for an introvert. She longed for the deep rich soulful conversations that energized her. This Saturday night was it – a friend’s special birthday celebration. She couldn’t wait to have fun again!

Then another birthday invite came. Then a going away dinner invite came. Then a baby shower invite. Suddenly, Mary felt overwhelmed. How do I possible go to four parties? I miss all these wonderful people. Perhaps I can go to each party for about two hours, make my appearance, celebrate my friend, then head to the next soiree. Mary felt blessed to have all these opportunities yet unsure how to make it all happen. She wanted to be everywhere and do everything.

Mary headed off to the first party and never left. Her conversations were deep, rich, and surreal. She felt as if she knew everyone for years even though many she met them for the first time. Mary’s in-depth listening made her lose track of time. Mary was fully present and focused into each moment, listening intently to each word of the other person. She conveyed her own fun stories and bore new friendships and reignited old ones.

Where in your life are you over committed?

How can you be fully focused instead of scattered?

What results would occur if you were fully focused on one activity?

It’s time for your to be laser focused not a scattered sparkler.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!


Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer

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