Have you ever been so meticulous on where your next foot placement is? Where that next action is?

Did you fail to notice what was truly going on in the rest of your world? I’m currently out on a hike right now, and it’s pretty amazing. It’s been a beautiful, gorgeous blue sky day, and one of the things that I’ve taken particular notice on is the fact that storm clouds have been rolling in. But what’s amazing is that while I’m actually coming down the hill right now, there are many people who are currently going up the hill and have not paid any attention to the fact that… Let’s turn around. It’s kind of hard to see with this lighting, but there’s actually really bad storm clouds behind me right now. And it’s amazing that people are still going up.

So my question to you right now is this, when you take that next action, don’t be so meticulous that you forget everything else that’s going on in your world right now.

We can take way too much time thinking about, oh, that next perfect action that you know what? Sometimes you just need to quickly get going and get going down the hill because there is a storm coming and you may not be aware of how bad that storm is. Right now, the clouds are kind of getting dark. They’re getting a little bit thicker. It might rain. I’m not really worried about the rain. I’m getting a little worried about getting struck by lightning. And where in your life right now, are you being so careful about that next step that you’re not even aware of that storm that’s around you right now? Because if you keep taking those steps, you’ll be perfectly fine.

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ENROLL and Adapt To The Chaos