With every ending, there is a new beginning. Nature flows in cycles. Pine trees only release their seeds when confronted with their own death. As you enter the upcoming year, what cycles are you ready to bring closure to?   

Have you ever seen a fruit tree almost break its limbs from the weight of the overripe fruit? Its time to celebrate your harvests for the year and allow the limbs of your tree to grow back even larger. It’s time to dig the tree roots further into the ground for deeper, stronger stabilization.  

Yes, you want to grow bigger and better for next season, yet its time to take a close look at what you’re still carrying. Letting go of the fruits of your labor are equally as important as letting go of the rotten fruit.  

Winter is a special time to fortify your roots and foundation. For only with stability can we grow without the strong winds knocking us over.  

Most of you love to rely solely on yourself. Your fierce independence makes you strong yet also tired, exhausted and sometimes even unapproachable. Where can you lighten your load and seek comfort that others greatly support you and your growth?  

Trees secretly share and communicate information through their deep underground roots. Trees send out signals to other trees of impending danger. Where in your life are you not fully expressing what’s going on with you? You would be surprised how many people are here to support and lift you up.  

Where can you give gratitude for those that deeply support you yet you fear sharing what’s really going on in your life? Allow this year’s closure to end a cycle and discover a new way of being and doing things.   

If trees can utilize their roots to support each other so can you. Who can you ask for support from others to manage your load in the upcoming year?   

Its time to off load the extra weight you are carrying and lighten up for great miracles to occur in the coming year.   

May 2022 be a prosperous, joyful, and fun-filled new year!  

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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