Ever get a dream opportunity that dropped in your lap? 

It was 5 years ago. I was in Vegas for a friend’s wedding. In parallel, the ice hockey team that I watched for 20+ years made it to the finals for only the second time in franchise history. A truly historic event. Yet, when I arrived in Vegas a few days early, the second team to make the finals was still undecided. 

Then two days into the Vegas trip, in a beautifully choreographed moment, the two unseemingly possible events collided. My team the Washington Capital would be playing the Las Vegas Knights in the Stanley Cup Finals. Completely surreal that I was in the exact town for Game 1! Truly unbelievable!! And, no one would have predicted this when I purchased airline tickets a month prior. 

As the wedding party and guests started partying around Vegas that night, all the hockey fans started rolling into town. I caught myself high-fiving fellow fans and bringing the cheer on. I even met a guy named Craig that was friends with an old high school friend. Small world in another city. Again seemed impossible yet I was living it. 

Come Monday, the wedding party dissipated and I was scheduled to fly home late afternoon. I was sad that I’d be missing the first period of the game before my flight landed. 

Then, a lightbulb went off. Why am I not going to the game? This is what you’ve been waiting for, for 20 years! 

Then to the rationale, doubting, what commitment I miss. Then the lightning bolt stroke through! How can I go to the game and still get my work done? This was the chance of a lifetime!!! An opportunity that no one predicted. 

Yet, you know that there are commitments made, your stomach churns on what’s right to do, and then your soul yearns for fun.

That’s it. I’m doing it. I bought a ticket. I changed my airline tickets and booked myself back into a hotel. This took less than 10 mins sitting in a coffee shop. I finished all my work before the festive pregame activities started. I moved one meeting. 

Wow! This is the ultimate freedom! I can’t believe the decision was that easy. 

Too often we doubt what’s possible. We sacrifice what we truly want to please others. Yet, when we experience fun, our souls are fulfilled from the inside out. And, I have the freedom to go about it the way I wanted to, with ease and grace. This experience is forever etched in my memory. No regrets! No resentment! Pure bliss!

Imagine if you can navigate your own life differently. Enjoy fun activities again. What if you can recenter, and make fast decisions that align with your core essence? The magic in your life comes back! You start to love life again and everything starts to flow.

Starting, Wednesday, June 14th, my 4-week Accelerator for Fun, Freedom, and Fulfillment begins. I’ll teach you four techniques that are going to restore your energy, get your time back, and bring back your lust for life. Who doesn’t want that?

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