The tale of two rivers and the implications for a new chapter.

The Mississippi River originates from a small lake in northern Minnesota. As the water travels south, the small droplets collect more and more water along its way. With an almost brute force, the Mississippi gains momentum as the Missouri River and Ohio River merge into a vast river and transportation artery. The Grand Mississippi River then convenes with a larger Gulf of Mexico.

In contrast, the Colorado River begins as snowmelt from high up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. With vast snow every year, the river winds its way to the southwest. In contrast to the Mississippi which gathers more momentum and fury, the Colorado River is siphoned off for agriculture and suburban sprawl in areas where little water exists. The Colorado River loses all its momentum and is virtually dried up before it ever reaches the larger body of the ocean.

The Mississippi River showcases how to stay focused on the goals, desires, and wild dreams you have. The energy remains a steady consistent focus on what’s important.

The Colorado River indicates how our distractions and attention to what doesn’t matter take us further away from our deepest dreams and desires. The roar of the mighty Colorado River loses momentum as it’s siphoned off to various places.

As we pursue our passions, our time and energy must remain focused on what matters most.

As our next chapter begins, align your intentions and watch your fulfillment in life soar.

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