While communication is evident in almost everything we do, most people never take the time to dial this in. And, even more so, this one aspect of communication takes the most effort.

This is one thing we should all be taught in school, basic to advanced degrees. This aspect can change relationships at home, work, and within your community.

Let’s dive in.

Listening Level 1:

Sue started talking in depth about how she suddenly lost her mother to breast cancer.  Sandra interrupted and said me, too. Then proceeded to state what her life has been like since the tragic lost.

Level 1 is about relating someone else’s experience to your own. This often occurs as you start telling what happened to you and completely disregarding what the other person was even saying. The conversations become about you not them.

Listening Level 2:

Bob shares with Bill how his wife cheated on him. Bill states “That sucks, man. I’ve been in your shoes before and its no fun. How can I best support you right now?”

Level 2 is a combination of making the conversation about the other person and yourself. Bill first empathies with Bill then states his own relatable state. It ends what support the other person needs.

It’s listening. And, it is more than hearing words. There is actually three levels.

Listening Level 3:

Lisa discusses with Linda that her child got kicked out of school. Linda replied with, “Lisa, that’s not easy. What support do you or your child require right now to get things back on track? There’s a few programs I can put you in touch with that I already work with. Would you be interested in that?

Level 3 is about making the conversation more global in nature. First, there is an acknowledgement of what happened. Empathy, then what can be done on a more global level.

Bonus tip!

Whether, it’s a political discussion, a religious discussion, or anything where you may have a differing opinion, always seek to understand what makes the other person think that way. Learn to recognize that a difference of beliefs does not make them wrong.

These tips will make any conversation run smoothly and acknowledge the other person. This builds respect for each person.

Want help in this area? Please reach out to me.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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